We make accessories inspired by the natural beauties we found in the forest and on the mountains.







Feel, find and shape out from nature.

Walking in the thick forest, under the sunlight through the trees, with a fragrant breeze…. I already feel glad I came to the mountain today. 

As well as the moments when: 
I encounter stellaria nipponica blooming behind the rock which I plumped down after the steep path, 
narrow my eye to the light bouncing off the snow surface, 
feel the warm atmosphere and scent of wood and oil burner as I open the door of mountain cabin.

I store the essence of such moments in me and recall it when I come back to the city and create my works. Then after a while, I will be tempted to head back to the mountain to feel the nature again.

Our designs and creations are based on the plants or landscapes we found in mountains, and value what we actually felt during our walk. We stand by the people who wear our accessories, and offer the items which you can actually feel the breeze of nature while you are in the city.


宮田有理 〈Yuri Miyata〉 - Jewelry , product
富士登山をきっかけに自然の造形に魅了されて、退職後〈YURI MIYATA〉を立ち上げ、山の自然をテーマにしたジュエリーやプロダクトのデザイン・制作を行う。

宮田森平 〈Shimpei Miyata〉  - graphic design , photo

Shimpei Miyata
Miyazaki-city, Miyazaki prefecture
Studied textile designs at university.
Worked as a designer at the printing company.
Shoots film photographs of trekking landscapes from home and abroad.
Handles ZINE BRANCH PAPER and matters related to graphics.